eNova has been established in 2002 by a pool of energy sales companies aiming to challenge the new energy market liberalization. Over the years eNova widened its activities becoming a fully integrated energy player along the whole mid-stream value chain; combining its deep knowledge and experience in the wholesale and shipping activities with proprietary trading and asset optimization. eNova, through its shareholders Simecom Srl and Gritti Energia Srl, supplies natural gas and power to more than 180,000 customers across Italy. eNova is active as balancing group responsible on the main european natural gas hubs: PSV and GME platforms (Italy), TTF (Holland), CEGH VTP (Austria), NCG and Gaspool (Germany); and is active as a member on Powernext on both the spot and futures segments. On the power side, eNova supplies around 50,000 final customers for a total volume of 200 GWh on an annual basis. eNova is enrolled as a dispatcher at the National TSO Terna, as well as at the main Italian local distributors; and is active in the PCE and IPEX market segments managed by GME.
Shareholding structure
Administration and Control System eNova has adopted a collegial multi-personal administration system, as follows: Board of Directors Dott. Emilio Montani Chairman Dr. Federico Bonaventura Ing. Andrea Chinellato Managing Director Managing Director Board of Statutory Auditors Dott. Michele Grampa Chairman of the board of statutory auditors Dott.ssa Tiziana Gatti Dott. Fabio Massimo Micaludi Standing auditor Standing auditor Dott. Luca Damiani Dott. Luigi Olmo Alternate auditor Alternate auditor
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In consideration of the provisions in Article 8 of the European Regulation 1227/2011 of the European Parliament and the Council of 25 October 2011 concerning the integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy market (REMIT) and Article 6 of the Implementing Regulation (EU) no. 1348/2014 dated on 17 December 2014 (Implementing Acts) regarding the fulfillment of the reporting obligation towards ACER of the data and information concerning the operations carried out on wholesale energy products, we list below the following information: Acer Code: A0003629Y.IT EIC Code: 25X-ENOVASRL---5 LEI Code: 81560081EE079FBED395
Email Remit: remit@enova.it
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